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We add neither sugar nor water in juice. The sweet flavour of juice is achieved due to the fact that we do not buy technical apples, but grow our own apples and blend them for better taste.


I Stage

Our principle is only fruits from our own gardens

We harvest from our own gardens in the Subcarpathia in Sniatyn in ecological area. There is no industry there and the own microclimate reigns, which gives a special flavour.


II Stage

Juice squeezing

We wash, sort out the fruit and squeeze with the help of masher.


III Stage


To save all the benefits of the fresh fruits, we pasteurize with the help of special Austrian technology at temperature 82 °C, unlike boiling temperature it retains more use.


IV Stage


We spill the juice in glass bottles in 1 liter and 0.3 liter on the special lines and send them to shops that you can enjoy natural Ukrainian directly expressed juice.