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The Gardens of Prykarpattia – is a family business. Just our care about health of our own families motivates us to launch the line of directly expressed fruit juice, which provides a maximum preservation of all vitamins. A healthy lifestyle and consumption of natural products is our philosophy, which we aspire to give to our customers.
That is why we will start with our first product- directly expressed apple juice- in autumn 2012. Our juices are produced by the way of cold pressing of appropriately mature and ecological- friendly Subcarpathian apples from our own gardens on the newest Austrian equipment. We select our apples carefully, work them into directly on the day of selection o bring a special sweet flavour and saturated aroma of a nutritious, helpful product.
The next autumn 2013 we are launching our vitamin line of juices- 5 different flavours, created for a healthy lifestyle. We have chosen the most useful fruits and berries and grow them in our own gardens. Apple- pumpkin, apple- celery, apple- pear and, exclusively in Ukraine, apple- black chokeberry ( aronia)- are curatives products. All tastes are presented in glass bottles in 1 liter and 0.3 liter.
The next year wait for new vitamin flavours – apple- dewberry and apple- rhubarb.

Our mission:Our mission is to produce 100% natural, ecological Ukrainian product, cultivating with love on the fertile Subcarpathian soil. So our customers can consume our juicy, environmental-friendly apples and fresh squeezed with pride and satisfaction.
We seek for brand “made in Ukraine” take the honorable first place in hearts and on the tables of the real Ukrainian people.