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Apple- aronia juice is a special and unique product, because aronia has no analogues among horticultural crops rich in vitamin P. Moreover, aronia, known as black chokeberry, is rich in micro- and macroelements: manganese, copper, iodine, iron. It stimulates the digestive processes, tone up and evacuates intestine.
Regular consumption of apple- aronia juice has a slight hypotensive effect on the body.
Apple- celery juice is pride of our collection, because celery juice incredibly rapidly absorbed, penetrating into the body’s cells in the blood and lymph.
Celery also contains provitamin A, B- group vitamins, potassium, calcium, phosphorus. Celery juice has a beneficial effect on men’s health.
Apple – pumpkin juice enriches our organism with a huge amount of vitamins, namely A, E, C and B, as well as rare vitamin K, helps the blood to coagulate quickly. Pumpkin juice will also bring relief to pregnant women. It provides a calming effect and evacuates intestine, which helps to fight nausea. Regular use of apple – pumpkin juice strengthens the immune system, so seasonal disease will not be able to hit you.
The combination of apple and pear is not occasional for creation of the vitamin collection, because pear is rich in iodine and natural zinc. Moreover, apple- pear juice improves peristalsis of intestine, removes toxins.
Apple juice is known for its beneficial properties long ago: it contains pectin and antioxidants, and also high content of iron and ascorbic acid. A special flavour of directly expressed fruit juice quenches your thirst.